Time traveling to my younger self

It has been a while! (Actually make that almost a year). In the blog world I was told that could mean blog-suicide.

But, I’d like to think of it as coming back from a very long Savasana. Previously known as Almost Hijau, all the posts that you loved from there are all still here, albeit under a new name and colourful brand 🙂 As you could already tell, I am taking my yoga instructor role a tad bit more serious than the previous year and ramping it up into a full time gig at the moment. If you love what you read, please feel free to share this along to your friends on your social media.

To celebrate my initiation back into the blogging world, I have decided to ride on The Daily Post weekly challenge with the intention of spurring my writing habit back on track, and generating some interesting angles to write about yoga, teaching & nutrition.

This week’s challenge gives me a free ticket to the period and place of my choice: which would be roughly 10 years back from today. To the 19 year old me who was just starting a life away from home. I would sit her down, with a mug of steaming hot chilli chocolate from Max Brenner (our favourite!) and tell her what I think is THE most important advice that I wish someone would tell me at that time:

“Do not fear the idea of fear itself”

And this goes across all areas of life – career, relationship, education. That the idea of “falling” or making mistake or getting hurt in the process is not so scary after all. It is by any means a feeling. Fear is an instinctual emotion designed to protect ourselves from hurt. But just as our internal system can intelligently fix and mend itself so can too our emotional system. With a little bit of practice and a lot of faith and strength of course!

I would tell her that I am currently still working on to a full bound headstand without a wall. And that today, after running across a great idea from Yoganonymous, decided to try a different way to get into this King of Inversion pose.

Knowing the possibility of flipping over to be highly likely, I had lined up some giant square pillows to break this fall and to be kind on my back (remember the concept of ahimsa or non violence? this is one of my interpretations of this word too). And just as I begin to raise and straighten one leg off, testing the water one feet at a time, I wanted to try with both feet off the wall. What happened next, would have seemed to occur very fast to any observer. But to me, time fell into slow motion. The split second of achieving the full pose, the slight confusion of not knowing how to engage all the necessary muscles, the realisation that I will flip over, flipping over and wondering where the floor had gone to, and finally coming down flat on my back (thank god for those cushions!) and lying there with the biggest grin.

I am thankful for this journey I have taken into yoga. The fear of falling over doesn’t seem so scary anymore once you know how to fall ‘correctly’. Once you have made necessary preparation and then going into it wholeheartedly. I have had similar experiences with other poses earlier in my yoga journey, and if you fall, dust yourself off, and come back to that pose another day until it becomes possible.

Fear in its most elemental form arises to keep us safe, but sometimes fear is also the one that holds us back from realising our full potential. The only way to be able to distinguish between the two is to face it and discover what awaits you on the other side.


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